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GWG Speaker Series

The Gaia Women Global Speaker Series is an ongoing series of podcasts featuring female luminaries in the caring for the earth movement to educate and inspire people around the world to live holistic lives in harmony with the planet. See all available podcasts below.

All podcasts are donation based. Already released podcasts are available for purchase individually. You may also set up a monthly (donation based) subscription package which will gain you access to future podcasts as soon as they are released. A new podcast will be released on the 1st of each month.

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The Alchemy of Embodiment

By: Sokhna Heathyre Mabin
Release Date: July 2015
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  • The Alchemy of Embodiment


    Release Date: July 1st, 2015

    Description: The Alchemy of Embodiment is the process of becoming pure with one’s power ~ all elemental components of one’s being and all physiological, emotional, vibrational bodies ~ and bringing them together with the fire of consciousness. It is holding the fire of consciousness ~ intention, knowing, and self~mastery ~ that makes one an alchemist. Honoring one’s beauty one claims glory. Witnessing one’s experience awakens humility. Trusting that the power to create is also the power to destroy gives the potency to live courageously and authentically. Compassion is a spiritual organ. It is developed and must be tended and protected and it is seeded in the garden of the heart. In this recording, Sokhna offers a space in the privacy of your own sacred environment where you may take out all of your tools, experiences, and essences ~ your sounds, your thoughts, your intentions, your creativity. Using breath, sound, yoga, recognizing current social events, and ritual, we will trace the imprints and markings of being alive and note how life feels in our bodies. We will collectively identify something that is no longer healthy in our Earth~body, and plant a seed of vitality~love.

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    Sokhna-Heathyre-MabinSokhna Heathyre Mabin is a mother, an herbalist, a doula, and a performance artist and has been teaching Hatha and Kundalini Yoga for 2 decades. Her children were born between the transitions of both of her parents ~ giving her the wisdom teaching of life~death~eternal. In 2014 she relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Michigan where she now cares for her brother David, a Veteran of Desert Storm. Sokhna leads retreats and teaches trainings of embodiment that allow the cross pollination of the human plant to return to its true natural form. She uses practice, herbs, yoga, movement, stillness, ritual, and collective support in the alchemical process of embodiment. You may contact her at mamasokhna@gmail.com.

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Ecological Literacy Through Permaculture Design

By: Vanessa Carter
Release Date: November 2014
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  • Ecological Literacy Through Permaculture Design


    Release Date: November 27th, 2014

    Description: In order to address the challenge of living in a regenerative, ecologically just transition while we navigate through climate disruption, we will need to engage a participatory, community-based design methodology that supports us to manage both the ecosystem AND the egosystem. Join Vanessa Carter to explore practices that will support us on this journey of whole systems thinking at various bioregionally appropriate scales.

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    Vanessa-Carter2-300Vanessa Carter is a Northern California native dedicated to supporting educational communities to weave ecological literacy into their schools’ cultures through the living learnscape. After 11 years of teaching interdisciplinary environmental studies in Bay Area, Venezuelan and Mexican public high schools, Vanessa is now based at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (www.oaec.org) supporting school permaculture design engagements.

    With a B.A. in Sociology & Urban Education from Swarthmore College and a Masters in Teaching from the University of San Francisco’s Center for Teaching Excellence and Social Justice, Vanessa has combined research and practical experience to provide transformative and empowering opportunities to her students. She continues to mentor youth as they cultivate their voices and step into powerful leadership roles as environmental solutionaries. As an Ecoliteracy Consultant, she co-facilitates professional development, presents at national conferences and consults with educators, administrators and community organizations to support whole systems design, curriculum envelopment and school garden implementation.

    Vanessa’s dedication to ecological justice, permaculture design, gardening, cooking, writing, yoga, dancing, laughter, biking, swimming, travel and nature connection keep her busy in West Sonoma County and beyond. Committed to cultivating a thriving community network of living systems, Vanessa can often be found with her hands in the dirt or preparing delicious meals that honor the resilient and regenerative practice of homesteading.

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Self Care Rituals for the Modern Goddess

By: Aubrey Bamdad
Release Date: December 2014
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  • Devi Dinacharya: Sacred Self Care Practices for Nourishing, Maintaining & Exalting the Divine Feminine Temple


    Release Date: December 27th, 2014

    Description: The feminine mind/body/spirit matrix is a complex, multilayered fountain of living wisdom. The body is a vessel for something inexplicable, ancient and divine in origin: our consciousness. According to Ayurvedic texts, the goal of life for each individual is to live in peace, prosperity, health and happiness through attaining the highest level of consciousness, in accordance with our individual capabilities. Dinacharya is a Sanskrit concept that indicates the synching of our individual bio-rhythms with the greater cycles of Nature through specific daily practices. We will delve deeply into self care rituals for adorning the female body temple, integrating the use of different forms of aromatic, vibrational and botanical medicine, mantra, affirmation and meditation with practical application and DIY recipes. Sacralize your life and improve your overall well-being while connecting to the deepest essence of your femininity. This class is an offering to the Goddess Within.

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    Aubrey-Bamdad-300Aubrey Bamdad is an ambassador of plant wisdom from one of the most intact and pristine morphogenetic fields on the planet, Amazonia. She is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yogini, contemporary vegetalista, the founder and director of Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals and their primary product formulator. Aubrey lives at and directs Yacumaman Ethnobotanical Center for Shamanic and Vedic Studies in the upper Peruvian Amazon where she co-facilitates retreat programs cross-pollinating the ancient disciplines of yoga and shamanism.

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Beekeeping as an Embodiment Practice

By: Laura “Bee” Ferguson
Release Date: January 2015
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  • Beekeeping as an Embodiment Practice


    Release Date: January 27th, 2014

    Description: Laura Bee outlines the Beauty Path of the modern day Sacred Beekeeper and shares​ myth and history of the Melissae of ancient Greece and stories from ancient Bee Priestess cultures. Laura will share how we can re-envision our relationship with Mother Earth through intentional, devotional work with Nature’s Greatest Emissary; the Honeybee. Beekeepers and Bee-Lovers alike will find deep personal relevance within these honeyed wisdom teachings.

    This is an audio recording and will be available on the date above. You may purchase the recording individually or as part of the Speaker Series Package.


    Laura-Bee-Ferguson-300Laura “Bee” Ferguson is the Founding Director of the College of the Melissae–an online and on-the-ground sacred beekeeping school and activism platform. In her work, Laura blends her heart’s desire for activism with her soul’s sensitivity to the world and she speaks internationally on sacred beekeeping and how we can and must save the bee to save ourselves. She is an educator, teacher, speaker and activist and draws on her dual degree in Anthropology and Religious Studies (BA Macalester College) as well as 10 years as a beekeeper. She blends together cutting-edge natural beekeeping methodology and practices with a cross-cultural, spiritual and mythological perspective to create a new style of Beekeeping as a Six-Fold-Path. This Temple-Based program presents a unique opportunity to commune with nature and practice connecting on a deeply relevant level in hopes of becoming Good Ancestors. She will share the emerging mystiscim and mythos within the beginning works of this collective experience.


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Circle, Ceremony and Ritual

By: Guzel Dreaming Deer Gjenasaj
Release Date: February 2015
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  • Circle, Ceremony and Ritual


    Release Date: February 27th, 2015

    Description: We will discuss the importance of circles, ceremonies and rituals in our lives today and what the spiritual, historical and cultural relevance are for some cultures of the world.

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    guzel-300Guzel is a nature lover, youth and food activist and a lover of life! Her background includes, environmental education, off-the-grid-living on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica, starting a communal house in Santa Monica (utilizing permaculture principles), organizing events, hosting co-ed and women only circles, one of those events being Cross Pollinate, which is a networking and empowerment women’s only gathering in Los Angeles. She has a deep spiritual practice rooted in Native American, Mayan and Gaia loving traditions. Guzel is a Reiki practitioner and has just begun an Herbal Medicine apprenticeship and is currently studying Chinese and Ayurvedic Nutrition medicine. Guzel believes our connection to mother earth and all her healing elements are a catalyst for deep transformation, connection and true bliss. She loves to share her wisdom and practices with the world.

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True Prosperity in the 21st Century

By: Krista Holland
Release Date: May 2015
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  • True Prosperity in the 21st Century


    Release Date: May 27th, 2015

    Description: There is a new collective conversation happening on what will be our future thriving economic paradigm. Many people the world over are asking the deeper questions on how we can co-create a world of ecological and economic abundance and justice that takes into account the source of all material sustenance and the web of life as a whole. In this talk Krista describes her own ongoing inquiry into what it is to cultivate a life and a livelihood of true prosperity. Krista takes you on a journey describing the profound contrast of her childhood growing up in Los Angeles, California and how witnessing the beauty and disparity there led her to create a life of conscious design with a holistic view of prosperity and ecology in mind. From the mansions of Malibu to the cardboard houses of Skid Row this talk will help illumine your world view and will leave you inspired about the possibilities of the exciting new economic paradigm called Regenerative Capitalism and more.

    This is an audio recording and will be available on the date above. You may purchase the recording individually or as part of the Speaker Series Package.


    Krista-Holland-300Krista Holland, is a yoga practitioner and mentor to women helping them to create satisfying, passionate lives both on the inner realm and in the outer world through yoga, conscious life design, embodied mythology and mysticism. Krista draws from her in-depth practice and studies in the realms of yoga, Ayurveda, Tantrik philosophy, permaculture, sacred drumming and the ancient Goddess traditions to guide women to the depths of their own beauty, power and unique offerings to the world. Krista was first introduced to Eastern philosophy, mysticism and various practices of meditation at an ashram in India at the age of twelve. Krista is a devoted practitioner and teacher of the essence of non-dual tantra, inspired by the lineage and sacred texts of Shaiva tantra and Sri Vidya. She is known for her gift of weaving the ancient wisdom of yogic philosophy through the practice of full spectrum yoga and Embodied Life Coaching. Krista is also a faculty member of the College of the Melissae – Center for Sacred Beekeeping where she teaches Embodied Mythology, Symbol Systems and Sacred Drumming connected to the ancient Bee Priestess traditions. The synthesis of her multidisciplinary work and dharma is embodied through Yoga and Living Arts, where she offers a rich mandala of teachings and private coaching dedicated to personal and planetary healing, spiritual liberation and the full flowering of embodied life mastery.


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Planting Sacred Seeds in a Modern World

By: Rowen White
Release Date: TBD
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  • Planting Sacred Seeds in a Modern World


    Release Date: March July 27th, 2015 (rescheduled)

    Description: Seed is a precious common heritage, and an essential component to the future sustainability of our food. Our ancestors have faithfully passed us this incredible gift of life over countless generations. It has only been a few short generations that we have seen these connections slip away; Rowen White, in her work with Sierra Seed Cooperative, is revitalizing the human connection to these sacred heritage seeds, and honoring their cultural and practical context within our daily lives. She is a part of a growing movement to “re-localize” and reconnect the seeds back to the local land, allowing for resilient seeds that will be ready to meet the challenges of the current conditions. Join us as we talk about the creative ways of re-integrating seed stewardship back into our local food systems, and how we can deepen our understanding of the nourishing cycles of life.

    This is an audio recording and will be available on the date above. You may purchase the recording individually or as part of the Speaker Series Package.


    Rowen-White300Rowen White is a Seed Keeper from the Mohawk community of Akwesasne and a passionate activist for seed sovereignty. She is the director and founder of the Sierra Seeds, an innovative organic seed cooperative focusing on local seed production and education, based in Nevada City CA. She teaches creative seed training immersions around the country within tribal and small farming communities. She weaves stories of seeds, food, culture and sacred Earth stewardship on her blog, Seed Songs. Follow her seed journeys at www.sierraseeds.org

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